Thursday, July 19, 2007

SunDance is waiting for the tooth fairy!

Not much new to report yet.  Working on trying to focus the film into more of a story than a simple show and tell of the rescue operation. Need to get another shoot on the schedule so I can keep the momentum going on this thing. I did get this email update today on SunDance. Marianne forwarded it to me from Nancy, the Rogers' Rescue vounteer who is currently fostering Sundance(and who we interviewed at the last shoot):

SunDance did well at Alpha Vet today getting what was left of his broken front canine removed.  They also removed some excess gum tissue around the area that was sent out to biopsied to make sure its nothing serious.  Alpha vet had the same thoughts that Anderson did ... that SunDance was likely kicked in the face as he's missing all the small front teeth on the same side as the broken canine.  Something hit him hard in the face ... I can only imagine what ..
Anyway, on a positive note, he's doing well ...  slept most of this evening, and did eat his dinner right up.  He's a little whiny when he's up, but I'm sure he's not feeling his usual self ...  
Alpha gave me the tooth to keep (I never knew the canine roots where sooooo long!) ... and so we are putting it under SunDance's pillow and hoping the tooth fairy brings some goodies :)

Pretty sad stuff.  Who kicks a dog in the head? I really think SunDance is going to end up being a major character in this film.  I wish we had gone on the vet visit and gotten some footage.  I think I'm going to see if I can line up an interview with the vet who did exam.