Thursday, September 6, 2007

Canine Rescue Doc Update 5: Running with the Pack

After a month long hiatus caused by paying gigs and a lengthy vacation, I'm finally able to turn my attention back the unnamed Canine Rescue Documentary. Fortunately, Marianne has been keeping things moving behind the scenes so I've got a ton of stuff on the agenda.

This Saturday we're finally going to get to film a dog transport to make up for the shoot that got scrubbed at the beginning of production. Like we hoped, this one is going to be better than the original because we're doing the actual transport. Marianne and her hubby Lane are going to be driving the transport and I'll be tagging along with my camera. Our first stop will be Bethlehem, PA where we will pick up the van and all of the supplies for transporting the dogs. Then we will head out to a location somewhere in Maryland where a number of shelters will arrive and give us dogs to transport back to PA. Then it's off to an "undisclosed location" somewhere in PA where a bunch of rescue organization will come and collect the canines for entry into the adoption process. It's like the Underground Railroad for rescued animals. Should be really good stuff for the film.

But that's not all! Marianne's also been working hard on setting up some other shoots. The one I'm most excited about is "The Shelter Run". This is a four day trip in October where a number of the Rogers' volunteers (including Marianne) travel around visiting shelters in West Virginia and Kentucky to promote the rescue mission and also transport some more canines. Turns out that the current Miss WV, who is going to be named a national spokesperson for the Human Society, is friends with one of Marianne's rescue buddies (a former Miss WV herself) and wants to be in the film. So, we'll probably get to interview her for the doc while on the trip. It will be great to get some celebrity clout into the film.

Those are the two big things happening soon. There's also a chance that we might be able to squeeze another celebrity into the film later this month, but it's still very preliminary. I'll be sure to post if any news breaks on that. Marianne's also going to be fostering two dogs next week so I'll be covering that as well. Busy, busy.

At this stage, I'm feeling good about where the film is headed. I think after these two big shoots all we will need to do is get some of the backbone interviews from key Rogers' Rescues personnel and we might be ready to start editing this thing. Might have a film by the end of the year if all continues to go well.

And of course…. I could use some help this weekend (and in October) if anyone is interested and available. I'd love to have a copilot for the transport drive since it's a lot of driving, and to just help out, no filmmaking skills needed. Taking still photos would be cool too. It's an early start (6:00AM) but we will be done by dinnertime. All I can offer is food, fuel (if we use your car), fun, good karma and a credit in the film. Let me know if you're interested.

I'm also looking for a partner for the Shelter Run which is Oct 4-7. That's a bigger commitment and involves LOTS of driving and overnight stays. For that shoot I can pay all accommodations and most likely a meager day rate.

I'll try to get a new post with pictures of the transport shoot out as soon as I can.