Friday, October 5, 2007

Canine Rescue Doc Update 6: Shelter Run Day 1 (and the Transport Shoot)

(Update 1/12/2009: If you're looking for the sneak peak of the film that includes footage related to this post, click here.)

Well, I'm on the Shelter Run with the gang from Rogers' Rescues. It's been a long day and I'm really tired so this will probably be a short post. Left the house at 5:30AM on Thursday so I could meet Marianne by 6:00. Then we drove up to Bethlehem, PA to meet the rest of the Shelter Run crew which consists of Marianne, Nancy, Lynn, Dee, Claire, and Jen (I hope I got those all right). We've got 2 big vans full of stuff to give to all of the animal shelters we'll be visiting over the next three days, including a washing machine.

From Bethlehem, we departed for a really long drive to Parkersburg, WV. On the ride I tried to pick up some footage just to document the trip and I was also able to interview some of the gang about their rescue experiences. We rolled into the Parkersburg shelter around 4PM, about 90 minutes later than we had planned so I had to scramble to get setup for shooting. A little tougher this time because I'm operating solo. In the shelter, the director gave us a tour and I was able to get some really good b-roll of dogs in the shelter, something the film desperately needed.

By far, the high point of the shoot was getting to interview Summer Wyatt, the current Miss WV who was there doing an autographing event to promote awareness about animal cruelty and family violence. She was great on camera, really well spoken and said some fantastic things that I'm sure are going to make it into the film. I also did an interview with a well-known rescue volunteer, Debbie Hines, who everyone calls "Mama Hines". She was so passionate and was the first person to cry on-camera while being interviewed (so far). It was great stuff.

After the shoot wrapped around 6PM, we got back on the road for the 4 hour drive to Paris, KY where we are going to be visiting the PAWS (Paris Animal Welfare Society) in the morning. Tomorrow is going to be super busy, because we'll be hitting two more shelters after that. Then we'll be making the long drive to Bowling Green (Kentucky, not my alma mater in Ohio) to visit another shelter and pick up some dogs to bring back to the rescue. On the 12+ hour drive home we'll be stopping and picking up dogs on the way.

This has been the best shoot of the film so far. Hoping I can get some more one one time with each of the rescue volunteers I'm travelling with tomorrow. I really want to get their personal stories on film. I watched some of the footage on the ride to KY and it looks pretty decent. It's hard to manage all the details when you're trying to interview, run camera and do sound. Thankfully Marianne is always eager to help out with the interviews and the boom if I need it. The only bummer part of the trip so far is that I apparently have lost my driver's license. Don't know when, don't know where. Last time I remember seeing it was over a week ago. Hopefully it will be easily found when I get back to Jersey.

I'll try to post another blog tomorrow night. Someone from Roger's is also keeping a blog of the trip and has pictures. I'll post the link to that on my blog when I find out what it is.

I guess that wasn't a short post after all.

PS. I know I never blogged the transport shoot. Here's the short version: Andy I followed a big van of from PA to MD. In MD we picked up a bunch of dogs from a whole bunch of different shelters and took them back to PA. Then a bunch of rescue people came and got the dogs. We filmed it all. Got some great interviews. It was all very covert and underground railroad-ish. Good stuff. I ower Andy big time for helping and doing all the driving. Here's a picture of Layne, Andy and Marianne at the pickup spot in MD. I have more photos from the shoot in My Pics. Apologies for the quality. My old Kodak DC290 seems to be on the fritz. Eventually, I'll get around to posting some of the 10 hours of footage I've shot for this film.

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  1. Footage from this day is in the sneak peek of the film that I just posted.