Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In Defense of Aquaman...

Emily is going as Supergirl for Halloween this year. Anyone who knows me would naturally assume this was a result of much coaxing on my part, but believe it or not, she actually came to me with this idea herself.

This seems to indicate at least a temporary reprieve from the years-long "Princess" phase. Though when she found out that Wonder Woman was both a princess and a superhero, I think she mentally checked that off for next year's Halloween costume. But enough about the heroines, this is a story about Aquaman…

Emily's newfound love of all things superheroic has had a dramatic impact on her television viewing habits. Pretty much all we watch these days are Superman The Animated Series, Legion of Superheroes, and The Batman. She loves Teen Titans too, she's seen every episode at least a dozen times. However, as cool as the Teen Titans are, this is a story about Aquaman…

Emily's been home sick the last couple of days with what I like to call "vomit-itis". This translates to extensive television viewing (between the bouts of vomiting). In no time at all we burned through every episode of The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians DVDs that we picked up at Target on Saturday. Since she was feeling better today, we headed over to Borders at lunch to score us some new Superfriends DVDs. After much debate, but we settled on buying Super Friends, Volume Two. I really wanted to get Challenge of the Super Friends because I knew it featured the Legion of Doom, but Emily was completely captivated by the image of Superman in a cage surrounded by robot cowboys on the back of the Volume Two box.

How can I argue with that logic?

Aquaman is of course, a member of the Superfriends. I don't think I need to recap the grief the poor Sea King has endured the last few years. Needless to say, he's been the subject of much ridicule in the popular media. It makes a lot of folks, myself included, wonder why this character had or continues to have any appeal whatsoever.

Until today…

So, here we are, one or two episodes into Disc 1 of the Superfriends Volume Two. Classic stuff. The specific episode we're watching is entitled "Battle at the Earth's Core".
Summary (from tv.com): Jayna and Zan disappear while on a trip out to sea. When the Superfriends go to find them, they are pulled into a whirlpool and are taken to a strange subterranean land at the Earth's core. There they must battle dinosaurs and tar creatures in order to save the Wonder Twins.

About halfway into the episode Batman and Robin find themselves deep below the surface of the Earth in the Bat-Motorcraft (or something like that) near an underground river. Of course, since they are near water, Aquaman is conveniently with them.

Aquaman: This river's unlike any I've ever seen. The water's florescent.

Robin: That's not all, Aquaman. Look. The river's flowing uphill.

Batman: It seems that gravity works a bit differently under the Earth.

(Um, sure, different gravity…whatever you say, Caped Crusader.)

Suddenly, a giant jellyfish attacks them. Luckily, Aquaman is there. He uses his aquatic telepathy to call some other bizarre sea creatures to fight the giant jellyfish. For some strange reason (probably the gravity), Aquaman's aquatic telepathy works in reverse and the sea creatures attack him instead of the jellyfish. Always the quick thinker, Aquaman uses his extraordinary underwater mobility to dodge the sea creatures causing them to slam into the Bat-craft, thus freeing it from the monstrous jellyfish. The Superfriends live to fight another day.

At this point Emily turns to me with a look of absolute wonder and says, "Dad, that was soooo cool!"

As my geek heart fills with warmth, all I can say through my smile is, "Yep, Aquaman is pretty cool."

I can't neglect Nate, so in case you were wondering, Emily decided he is going to be Man of Steel for Halloween.

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