Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shelter Run Day 2

Day two on the Shelter Run shoot was a lot less driving with a lot more shooting. We started off the day in Paris, KY. where we met up with some people from the Paris Animal Welfare Society for breakfast at a little diner called Louie's. Then it was off to the shelter.

Once we arrived, the gang from Rogers' got down to the business of animal rescue diplomacy while I worked on filming everthing. Trying to do a good job of picking up establishing shots of the building, little b-roll things, etc. so that the footage from this trip doesn't just end of being all dogs in cages. I also had some really great interviews with some of the volunteers at the PAWS rescue.

From Paris we went on to two more shelters, Anderson County and Mercer County. Pretty much the same story there, though these shelters seemed to be a little more on the remote side than Paris (which is near Lexington). Had a great interview at Anderson with the shelter director. Anderson was also the first time I got to go into a animal "control" center. Very different than the humane societies and animal shelters. Animal control is pretty much dog jail. I was only able to bring my Canon pocket HDV in there, but I got a few shots. It ain't pretty. Some of the dogs were pretty bad off.

I didn't do that much taping at the Mercer shelter which was the smallest we've seen so far. It was definitely the neediest shelter and just didn't seem to be as well off as the others. It was here that I learned that some shelters use inmates as workers to clean and manage the animals. The inmates came out and unloaded all the supplies the Rogers' gang was bringing to donate to the shelter.

Then we drove on down to Bowling Green, KY, our final stop on the trip. I didn't know BG was on Central time until we got here. Anyway, we checked in about 8pm last night and grabbed some steaks and beers at the restaurant next door, a throw peanuts on the floor, bucket of beer joint. I miss those, they don't have many in NJ.

As I'm writing this, it's actually the start of day three. Day 3 is going to be the most taping (and driving) yet. But I think it's also going to be the best footage because we will actually being doing rescues and transports today. I'm supposed to meet the gang downstairs for breakfast in a half hour. Then it's off to the BG shelter where apparently we'll be spending a few hours (and donating a washing machine and other supplies). Then it's time to load up some dogs that are going back to PA and into the rescue/foster/adopt process. We're planning to back track the entire route, stopping at most of the shelters we've visited to pick up more dogs for rescue. Then it will be the all night drive back to where we started. Should be back in PA by 9AM on Sunday, back in Jersey by 11:00.

Anyway, hungry, gotta finish packing and go eat. The next time I blog, I'll probably be back in Jersey with a lot of footage to log and sort.

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