Monday, January 12, 2009

Sneak Peek of the Rogers Rescue Documentary [Video]

Well, as promised, here's a little sneak peek.  This is the rough cut of the footage from day 1 of the Shelter Run that I blogged about in October 2007.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Remember that documentary I was making...

Ok, really tired, but I figured since I haven't given any updates on this project in almost a year I'd better do it know before I forget or get too busy.

Not too much has happened since my last post where I claimed I was gearing up to go into post, final shoot, get it done, etc. Blame paying work (a good problem), moving, and whatever. My friend Matt and I did actually go out and shoot some interviews at the Rogers Rescues picnic last summer(fall?), but that was about it, until this week.

I made Marianne a promise that I'd have something for her to show at the Rogers board meeting January 10 (that's today) to prove that there was actually tape in that camera I've been following them around with for the last year and half.

I just finished a 14 minute cut of the documentary. I can't really call it "the" rough cut, it's a little rougher than than that, so I'll just call it a cut. The 20+ hours of footage has been butchered down, I've got a little bit of scratch vo, and some temp score. There's even a loose narrative going on in there.

I'm burning a DVD for Marianne right now. She's picking it up in about 7 hours.

What's that? You want to see it too? Sorry, it's a little too rough for the interwebs yet (and I've actually got a contractual obligation to get permission from Rogers before I release anything), but maybe, I can put a few sneak peeks up in my next post. Since you know, they like, actually exist. Finally.

Going to bed now.