Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Critics say ‘More compelling than football...’

Time for an update on the still-in-production Rogers' Rescues Documentary. My co-producer, Marianne, forwarded me this email earlier this week.*

Hi Adam. Feedback from the woman who threw the football party! :-) MA

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Hi MA,

We got the DVD Saturday - perfect timing for the party! We did show the entire DVD at half time (actually more compelling than the game) and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house..... maybe the guys held out. Thanks very much for the effort - it's a great documentary.

THANKS again -

You read that right. The "entire" DVD. There's a whole film now. A complete cut. It was even color corrected and scored (roughly). Here's the Avid timeline as evidence:

Marianne showed it at a football fundraiser for the rescue this past weekend. An advance screening sorta thing. Except in a house, on a TV, and no one bought tickets. They did donate stuff for the rescue, which is cool.

The final cut is coming soon. Real soon. It's all just polish at this point. I'll get a new teaser clip up in the next day or so.

*email edited for length