Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It’s Not Me, It’s We [Video]

I recently produced some promotional videos for the new book, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits through Full Engagement by Rudy Karsan and Kevin Kruse.

What's the book about? I'll let Kevin tell you himself:

Along with loads of data, research, and stories, We highlights the philosophy of Growth, Recognition, and Trust.

From the inside flap:
For managers and all professionals, We details the leadership behaviors that generate emotional buy-in and commitment from team members. Karsan and Kruse highlight the three factors that drive one's level of engagement the most:
Growth: Team members feel they are growing in their careers and learning new things.
Recognition: Team members feel that their ideas and accomplishments are appreciated.
Trust: Team members trust senior leadership and feel confident about the future.

I fully expect this book to become the definitive guide to employee engagement. 

Why am I so certain? Well, before I struck out on my own, I worked with Kevin and Rudy at Kenexa where I experienced the GrowthRecognition, and Trust philosophy first-hand. It changed the way I thought about work, life, business, and the people I work with. It made Kenexa a successful, profitable company. And I've seen Kevin and the people that have learned from him replicate that success in other companies.

Plus it's already in the top five best-sellers on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 

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