Monday, March 21, 2011

The Guys at the Boar’s Nest Would Have Rocked Guitar Hero [Video]

All of Wooster Street is thankful Guitar Hero did not
exist when these guys were college students
Last month, Activision Blizzard Inc. announced it would cease publishing Guitar HeroI can't say I'm sad to see it fade away. My first hand experience with the game mostly consisted of plugging my ears when the students who live across the street from me would play it at two in the morning with the windows open. I gave them a pass because I assumed this to be karmic payback for the many disturbances of the peace caused by my housemates and me at the "Boar's Nest" during my senior year at BGSU.

My only other run-in with Guitar Hero was during the production of the Guitar Program story at Reading-Fleming Intermediate School that brings up the rear of this week's repeat of Classroom Close-up, NJ. I mean, how could  I resist the urge to include "Kung Fu Fighting" in a story? Yes, I know the clip is actually from the game "Band Hero", but that was close enough for me.

For some reason, this story gets a decent amount of traffic on YouTube. Probably because guitars are cool. It's definitely not because of the subpar job I did narrating this piece. Believe me, after a decade of living on the east coast, I'm pretty comfortable with the midwestern-y twang of my own voice, but I cringe when I hear myself in this package. Makes me wish we could do some re-edits for the re-airings. Fortunately, no one's enjoyment of the story seemed to suffer due to my mis-emphasized mumblings.

As a technical aside, the story does appear to have gotten the high-def treatment for the new airing. Back when we shot it, the show was still being produced in standard-def which is why it's letter boxed in the YouTube clip.
What do you think? Has Guitar Hero faded away or are you still rocking that little plastic guitar with the Simon buttons? Were you an inconsiderate neighbor in college like me and the Boars?

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