Friday, March 18, 2011

Strap This Thing on Your Head to Sleep Better [Video]

My friends over at Kru Research have been busy distributing the many TED Talk-style videos Bauser Media put together from the two days of footage we taped at last year's e-Patient Connections. Today they released this talk from Ben Rubin, CTO and co-founder of Zeo, about the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach device.

This talk definitely caught my attention because even though I don't suffer from a sleep disorder, I am definitely guilty of not getting enough sleep. I'm always looking for better ways to sleep and sometimes resort to using sleep masks and ear-plugs. I was definitely envious of all the attendees who received a Zeo in their conference swag bag and have been thinking about picking one up for myself ever since.

On the video geek side, I really like how these videos came together from the two cameras we had running in the conference hall, a Sony PDW 700 XDCAM working from a riser and a Sony PMW-EX3 with the most energetic camera op I know running around the ball room to get nice cutaways. A great looking venue and quality staging didn't hurt either.

Here's another (shorter) video I found about the Zeo on YouTube which shows it in action.

What do you think? Would you sleep with one of these on your head?

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