Monday, April 18, 2011

Which is Harder? Making a Mashup or Carving a Statue? [Video]

Show 17 airs tonight which means we're getting close to the end of another season of Classroom Close-up, NJ (a season is usually 20 episodes). It also means I'm currently working on a segment for the upcoming season finale where we recap the entire season by mashing together stories with some common themes. The package I'm putting together will focus on public schools efforts to provide a thorough education for every student and what that means. It will probably incorporate clips from stories we aired about ESL programs, gifted students, and students with disabilities, including the S.A.I.L. story we taped in February, that leads off this week's episode.

While I'm looking forward to revisiting this story and several others for the final episode, I always struggle with editing my show 20 package. Partially because I'm working with another producer's material for parts of the segment. It's great stuff to work with, but I'm not as familiar with the footage because I wasn't on the shoot and didn't edit the original story. Mostly though, it's the challenge of trying to combine four or five stories into five minutes. I always compare editing a story to making a sculpture. You start off with a big rock consisting of hours of tape and interviews, and then chisel it down to 5 minutes that looks like something. My analogy starts to break down when I'm starting off with five finished statues to work with. I think some of my past show 20 segments have bordered on (and drifted into) being just clip packages, which I really want to avoid this year. Which means, I better get back to work, since there's only two more episodes before the finale.

On next week's episode: Literature Links!

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