Monday, May 2, 2011

I Went Two for Three on Flashmob Videos This Weekend [Video]

What a crazy weekend!

I just happened to be hanging out near the library with my video camera on Friday when this flashmob broke out.

And then it happened again on Saturday when this flash mob broke out at Communiversity!

Alright, I confess, this wasn't some John-McClane-in-Die-Hard-2-style coincidence.

Another crowd? Another flashmob? How can
the same gig happen to the same guy twice?
I was actually tipped off about both of these flash mobs by Greta Cuyler, editor of the recently launched Princeton Patch. About a week earlier, I contacted the Patch about possibly contributing to the site in hopes of getting some more opportunities to polish my news gathering skills. These were the first two assignments they sent me on and they were a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to doing more with the Patch.

And just when I thought I had a monopoly on Princeton flash mobs, I find out there was a third flashmob that I wasn't at! Next year I'm getting them all!

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