Sunday, October 2, 2011

Really, I'm Not Posting This Just to Suck Up to My Tribe

My blog tends to be a little self-centric, hence the unimaginative title, "Adam Bauser's Blog". So I figured why not do something a little different and share this video from Rich Renner, one of my colleagues on Classroom Close-up, NJ. Rich is a pretty great producer, he's won some Emmys and stuff.

I happened to see this segment he produced pop-up in the Google News feed I have set-up to look for references to the show. It's about math (one of my pseudo-specialities these days) and Survivor (a show I still love). Enjoy.

I was going to post this last Tuesday, but then I realized it was from this week's episode and wasn't scheduled to air on NJTV until today, and I didn't want to be Mr. Spoiler.

(Now Rich, as we discussed, posting this does assure me your vote at final tribal, right?)

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