Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Pack 200 Food Baskets in One Hour

Like most towns in New Jersey (and I'm sure other states), people in Princeton love to talk about high property taxes. This almost always turns into a discussion about school taxes (in NJ, school taxes are included on your property tax bill, and are usually the largest item on that bill). On occasion, I run across the opinion that people who don't have kids in the schools shouldn't have to pay school taxes. I'm not going to bother explaining how that would obliterate public education, but I have noticed that usually when I hear this opinion, it's coming from a senior citizen. I know financial challenges drive this line of thought, but it still bums me out when I think about animosity existing between the school systems and some members of the senior community.

Which leads me to why I thought the Thanksgiving food drive we covered this week at Manchester Township High School for Classroom Close-up, NJ was great.

Packing 200 food baskets in record time.
You see, Manchester has an Intergenerational Committee of senior citizens that gets involved with the schools and was there to help the students pack food baskets for area families in need. It was a chance for the senior citizens to see the school's best and brightest in action, and a chance for students to interact with a group of people they might not get to otherwise. With the largest turn-out of volunteers ever, and assembly line precision, the group made over 200 baskets in about an hour.

The "Helping Hands for Hunger" story, which is also a story about Manchester Township High School's Peer Leadership Program, will premiere on February 5, 2011 on NJTV.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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