Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Number a Television Episode... I Mean Show [Video]

This will surely go down as my most inspired post ever, surpassing even the popularity of my legendary diatribe on ISO dating standards.

Classroom Close-up, NJ episode 1209 aired this past weekend on NJTV. I didn't even know our show had episode numbers until I saw it listed that way on the NJTV website. The "12" stands for "2011-12 season" and the "09" is the current season episode number (since this is show 9). On all the paperwork I get for the show we do it the opposite way, the episode number followed by the year. We also use the first year of the current season, so we would call this Show 09-11. I've noticed we also tend to use the word "show" vs "episode", which I guess makes sense, since our show isn't really episodic (though I am currently working on a two-parter).

Watch Reading is Key Ep. 1209 on PBS. See more from CLASSROOM CLOSEUP.

For those of you captivated by this production minutia, we also use a letter to denote the individual segments. For example, my story in this episode, "Teaching From Space", was package 09B-11. Coincidentally, it's the second package in the show, but I don't think the letters really denote the order of the episode. My stories usually seem to be "B" no matter where they appear in the show. Though apparently in the show's online video library, we call this story 2011-12-9-B.

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