Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Google just popped these old photos up for me. Nine years ago today...

These old RAZR pics are from the first day of the Shelter Run shoot for the Rogers' Rescues documentary. Arguably one of the most memorable shoots I've ever been on. The top one is us leaving and that second one is the restaurant we had dinner at that night. On that long weekend of run'n'gun shooting I had to make sure I started each day with a full set of charged batteries because I didn't have a portable charger, which meant I could only charge batteries with my camera.

Coincidentally, I spent some time yesterday making sure all my batteries were charged. I even ordered a new one to add to my kit (and the portable charger I wish I'd had nine years ago).

Why all the charging? Because tomorrow is the first day of shooting for a new documentary project.

I figured it was about time.